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Steering business forward with revamped identity & service offerings

Client: Visvero
Services: Business Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Brand Strategy, Website Structure & Design, Sales Enablement

Transforming Data. That’s IT

Visvero specializes in removing data bottlenecks for mid to large-size enterprises, so they can get the most accurate information about causes, effects and future predictions of their business. Visvero helps clients eliminate the information and process flow challenges, so they can focus on strategy and execution, while the analytics and automation applications complete the feedback loop. Visvero is a technology services company focused on data, analytics and intelligent robotic processes.

Through creative implementation of elegant design, and advanced data engineering tools and strategies, Visvero helps organizations extract value from their data. Some of the specializations of Visvero include robotic process automation (RPA), big data, modern data architecture, cloud migration, enterprise data management, business intelligence, data visualization, data virtualization advanced analytics and machine learning. Visvero houses a team of 75+ specialized consultants and has served over 1 million consulting hours spread over 200 projects. 

Visvero's goal in the transformed digital era was to revisit the business strategy and define a marketing strategy & outreach program to create a unique and differentiated position in the market. Visvero wanted someone to assist them on two fronts. First - revamp their brand identity, scale their social media presence and help with a research program to generate actionable insights.  Second – Support the business with a plan for expansion and enabling sales teams for better prospecting and business development. Visvero partnered with Brand360 to realize its larger business goal.

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Changing The Narrative

Visvero wanted to approach the market with a message that was appealing and had social proof to it, a claim that can be substantiated. Brand360 researched how competitors in the industry approached clients and formulated a framework of success that was scalable and could be followed to achieve success every time. Instead of saying “Your project will be successful as we are no. 1 in the market”, we changed the narrative to, “Your projects would be successful because we have a defined and tested Agile Success Framework”. Sales teams used this as a part of their pitch and Visvero saw an increase in the no. of meetings they booked for possible projects. The approach Brand360 used was social proof to back up a service claim.

Call to Action, Chatbots & Custom Pages

Brand360 audited Visvero’s existing website and found out that while the website was content-rich, there was a lack of Call-to-action buttons and a specific structure. The website lacked data management and had not been checked for SEO. Brand360 revamped the existing website by injecting CTA’s at strategic spots on different web pages. In order to offer a tailored experience, Brand360 created custom landing pages for different industry sectors that Visvero served. Custom pages helped the sales team to prospect better by sharing tailored information relevant to them. To take the experience a step further, Brand360 integrated a Chatbot feature into the website which facilitated visitor engagement and quick support.


Automation & Sales Enablement

Brand360 also enabled smart marketing solutions for Visvero by way of automating the sales funnel. This helped the sales team save 2 hours of work per resource per day totaling to 60 hours per resource each month. The business development cadence was carefully crafted to filter out the most interested prospects from the least interested prospects allowing the team to channel their efforts better. Brand360 also held a sales workshop to get Visvero’s sales teams up to date with the latest prospecting techniques.

Research & Social Media Strategy

Visvero as a brand has always subscribed to a proactive approach for figuring out client pain points and industry challenges. Brand360 supported Visvero to refine their service deck and get a step ahead by sharing actionable insights. Brand360 achieved this by researching the diverse industry set that Visvero served and was able to map the most faced issues industry and segment-wise. Visvero made use of this input to design custom programs for those specific segments. Brand360 also supported Visvero’s online presence by handling its social media strategy. Brand360 carefully curated social media posts highlighting Visvero’s past performance and capabilities on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The entire execution was done organically and Visvero saw an increase in followership by 56%.



  • Spearheaded the Marketing & Content function for Visvero – Saved the cost of one full resource

  • Revamped brand identity – Increased organic brand reach by 53%

  • Designed effective drip campaigns and sales process for Visvero – Saved 60 hours monthly per sales resource

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