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Connecting with relevant audiences using revamped identity & website design

Client: AtomsAlive
Services: Business Development Strategy, Website Structure & Design

#Innovate with AtomsAlive

AtomsAlive is a power electronics company, providing innovative technological solutions in fast-charging power delivery for the consumer & industrial electronics industry.  Started by two passionate individuals Ashish & Kunal – Their innovative technology has the potential to become an industry sensation. AtomsAlive Specializes in ultra‐fast charging solutions for batteries. With the provisional patented tech solution, AtomsAlive is solving the requirements of 'Ultra-fast charging’.

Applications array ranges from mobile accessories, wearable technology, RC-toys, drones, personal care products and extending further to electric vehicles & the smart IoT charging hub solutions for domestic and international markets.

AtomsAlive needed someone to support them on two fronts. First – They wanted to revamp their visual identity to represent the young and dynamic nature of the brand and the innovative solutions approach they subscribed to and second – support them in business development initiatives in the European markets. For the first part – AtomsAlive wanted to move beyond the traditional web structures and wanted to have a website that could appeal to two segments – first, the investors and business audience by providing access to content highlighting core capabilities and second contributors and aspirants by highlighting opportunities for success. Brand360 took up the challenge and used a rich visual representation mix of videos and pictures combined with carefully curated content to realize the business goals. For the second part – Brand360 curated an outreach plan and lead generation strategy to reach potential investors based out of Germany, India and China and helped AtomsAlive close deals with strategic partners promoting further growth.

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Revamping the Website

Brand360 was tasked to revamp AtomsAlive’s visual identity & represent the young and dynamic nature of the brand and the innovative solutions approach they subscribed to. The old website lacked any form of structure or relevant content to communicate what the brand stood for, its capabilities or the innovative solutions it brought to the table. Brand360 designed a custom landing page to communicate the brand story in short snippets. The design elements were carefully selected to represent a young and dynamic brand and to connect it to the millennial segment of the target group. In order to showcase capabilities and applications to potential investors or potential businesses, Brand360 created dedicated pages with tailored content talking about AtomsAlive technology, their solution deck and industry gap analysis. The visual identity thus created was a major overhaul and a complete revamp over the previous version – mix  of quirky images, videos and spot on content. Brand360 also created a blog page to showcase AtomsAlive’s thoughts on various industry topics.

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Research & Business Development Initiatives

AtomsAlive needed a business strategy and outreach plan to expand its offerings in the Asian and European markets. A well-crafted business development plan was needed. Brand360 researched the charging solutions industry and found out that deep tech investments would be the long-term gainers especially with AtomsAlive’s niche ultra-fast charging offerings of IPs & Product Solutions across industries. Brand360 used this as a pitch and drew out a customer persona to identify the target segment. The outreach program was carried out via LinkedIn and automated email campaigns. The lead funnels were automated to reduce sales efforts and in a matter of 90 days, AtomsAlive was able to connect with leading manufacturers and investors to further grow the brand. Not just that, as a part of AtomsAlive’s initiative to promote entrepreneurship, Brand360 curated a campaign to allow young professionals an opportunity to work and learn with them


  • 36% increase in leads

  • Website bounce rate reduced by 50%

  • Connected with leading manufacturers and investors to reduce COGS and expand further

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