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What people do not get about Marketing And Marketers?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

People often say marketers are the guys that help advertise the products and marketing works the same way everywhere. Well, it is not True!

What is the role of a Marketer and how does understanding this concept makes Marketing easy and effective?

“A marketer is a person whose primary goal is to alter the behaviour of the people by knowing what their current behaviour is and what behavior do we want them to have.”

Understanding consumer behaviour first!

Knowing people’s current behaviour means seeking the answers to the following three questions: What do they love?

What do they fear?

What motivates them?

When a marketer understands what people love, what they fear and what motivates them, he can easily fit the brands he represents in those boundaries to enable a connection. Nowadays, many brands and marketers stress on the traditional features and benefits but what most of us miss is the “human value” that the brand delivers to the consumer.

To understand this, say one of the consultants at Brand360 has a 16-cylinder v6 turbocharged engine in his car and this information might not mean anything to you. For you, this is just some specification, but for a car enthusiast such as myself, it means that my car can go faster on the road as compared to others, now that is “value” in the purest form. A successful marketer also needs to understand emotions. Many times people think that brands represent emotions. In reality, brands do not have emotions. It is people who have emotions and the job of a marketer is to trigger those emotions. Understanding what connects people and their emotions really helps to maintain a healthy brand image.

A lot of times, we read about segmentation and how marketers segment their target group by defining the demographics. But in reality, demographics alone are not enough. Demographics tell us who a person is but not what made him the way he is or his beliefs. Marketers are not communicators, they are empaths, so their real job is to understand why people are the way they are and what motivates them.

This helps us to learn more about what people care about and how to define a brand’s approach to be more inclined towards people. Many brands take a different approach in this case which is a brand approach or a top-down approach where brands design a certain message for people > brands want to show how their solution will help and then it is exposed to the consumer. If you think like me, what brands should really be doing is taking a bottom-up or people approach where the process starts with; People need this solution> This is how it fits in their boundaries > We understand their behaviour and post knowing these things the solution is exposed to the consumer. The success rate of the consumer approach would naturally be higher than the brand approach as people care about themselves not the brand and they will choose what puts them first. I hope you now know what marketing basically is and how to be an effective marketer.

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